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Community Development

Community /kəˈmjuːnɪti/  
A group of people living in the same place or having a particular characteristic in common 

At Imperial we have staff and students coming from over 140 different countries. With different languages, different cultures and different walks of life, but united as one in being part of the Imperial College Community.  

With the commitment to celebrating our differences and the different communities around the College, Imperial College Union has recieved a donation from a department at College to create meaningful events and projects that make an impact on the College community and better the overall Imperial experience. 

We need you, the Imperial Community!  
Send us your ideas for community events or projects that you would like to see at Imperial! 

Every single thing we do started when a student had an idea - and we are always looking for more.  

We want to hear some of your creative ideas on community events and projects at Imperial. These events or projects could be at any time of the year, such as Welcome Week, a holiday or a liberation month. The events could also happen anywher and anyone! Whether it be something on your campus, within your halls, in your department or for the whole of Imperial.   

The event or project must have a clear positive impact on the College community to the widest possible audience, and fit at least one of the following:  
  • Promotes diversity  
  • Promotes wellbeing 
  • Creates a sense of belonging to Imperial or their campus community 

Fill in the form below and we will review your idea. If we like it we will make it happen! 

Ideas will be reviewed by your Officer Trustees and the Projects Coordinator, based on the above criteria. You will hear back from us within 2 weeks of submition. 

Note: if your idea doesn't make it now, we will keep in on record to share with your Officer Trustees for future development