Involvement from Clubs, Societies & Projects is essential in building a meaningful student democracy. We believe that our student leaders will speak with authority and insight, and they will tackle our most complex and difficult decisions.

Through this democracy, we will empower every student to create their own Imperial experience, challenge them to grow to their full potential, and fire them up to change the world around them.

CSP AGM/eVoting positions
All CSP comittee positions receive a nomination (unique individual per position) at the AGM or via eVoting
Tracked via the eVoting dashboard on the Union website homepage or by submitting a copy of your AGM minutes via the webform on the Evidence page.
30 30
Handover Document
Submit club handover document
Submit a committee handover document, a series of role-specific documents, or evidence that a handover has taken place via the webform on the Evidence page.
20 20
Leadership Elections
Minimum of 65% of members voting in Union Leadership Elections
This is tracked and can be viewed via the eVoting dashboard on the Union website homepage during the Leadership Elections (March)
20 20
Management Group Meetings
100% attendance at Management Group meetings
At least one club officer attending each meeting to represent CSP: reported through your MG/CU Executive Committee
20 20
Membership target met or exceeded
Membership target set by CSP met (100%) or exceeded
This is tracked via eActivities and can be viewed at eActivities > Administration > CSPs > Details > Members
10 10
For guidence and information on elections and eActivities visit the CSP Elections & AGMs collection on the Training Hub