Life Membership


Are you an Imperial student about to graduate or recently graduated?

After you leave Imperial you can still remain part of the Union by becoming a Life Member.

For the new special price of £40.00 for Life Membership, you will be able to use the Union and its facilities. Including:

  • The opportunity to join any CSPs in the future
  • Access to our bars
  • Discounts on booking our spaces
  • Ability to attend our flagship events with guests at student prices
  • Ability to subscribe to CSP alumni-tailored newsletters to keep up-to-date with news and events
  • The knowledge that more funding will be going towards CSPs and it will be easier for you to remain in contact with them in the future!
  • With the new product you will be able to indicate where you would like £30 to go within the Union - including individual Clubs, Societies & Projects. This means your purchase can directly support the CSPs and services that have mattered to you most whilst you were a student here!

    If you can't decide which CSPs to support with your money, don't worry! The Union will put it towards the student experience in general.

    With this Life Membership we look forward to you staying in contact and welcoming you back to the Union soon!

Life Membership