Advice Centre

Course Problems

Most students go through their academic career without any issues at all; however, some students do find some problems on their course from time to time.

If this is the case, Imperial College Union can offer help: through the academic representation system, and also from The Advice Centre. The Centre's Student Adviser can help to find a way to work through the issues that you are facing by liaising with your department.

Course problems that you may face may include:

  • Lack of interest in the subject.
  • Feeling that the course does not live up to their expectations.
  • Feeling that the course is not being delivered in the fair or right way.
  • Perceived unfair treatment
  • Unhappy with a course or department's policy
  • Feeling undermotivated on the course
  • Facilities on the course do not meet expectations

With these issues The Advice Centre tries to look at ways to work through these issues from the students point of view, we can represent and advocate for you to work with your department to solve your concerns. This can involve attending meetings with the department either with you or without you to ensure that your worries and concerns are worked through.

The Advice Centre can help with these issues; the Centre also works closely with the academic representation system, and can investigate these issues for you.