Change the world around you

What is a campaign?

When we talk about campaigning what do we mean? Well, a campaign is something that aims to create a change. 

As students campaigning is a great way for you to have your voice heard and to make a real difference for something that you care about. A campaign should create impactful, lasting change for people or a cause on a local, national or global level. Whatever it is that you want to change, Imperial College Union is here to support you. 

We can help you campaign and fight for change in the world around you.  We support a wide range of campaigns, led by students, Officer Trustees, and our eight Liberation & Community Officers.

How to start a campaign

If you want to suggest or join a campaign, or are looking for advice on an existing campaign, get in touch with our Education & Welfare teamWe can provide advice, support and funding of up to £300 to help turn your idea into action. 

  • Share your idea with us by completing this form.
  • We will review your idea and arrange a time to meet with you.
  • Plan your campaign with the support of the Education & Welfare team.
  • Get 80 supporters for your campaign idea then deliver your campaign.
  • Celebrate your success! 

Liberation & Community Zones

Do you want to campaign on environmental issues? Maybe you are passionate about LGBT rights, or interfaith dialogue? Or do you want to highlight and solve gender inequalities or the problems international students can face? 

Our Liberation & Community Officers represent students within these eight areas and run various campaigns throughout the year. If the issue you want to campaign on falls into one or more of our liberation zones then why not get in touch with the Officers to find out how you can work together? 

Our eight Liberation & Community Officers:
  • Black & Minority Ethnic Officer
  • Gender Equality Officer
  • LGBT+ Officer
  • Disabilities Officer
  • Interfaith Officer
  • International Officer
  • Mental Health Officer
  • Ethics & the Environment Officer

Get in touch with our Liberation & Community Officers to find out more about the campaigns they are running and how you can support their cause. Contact details are found on the Liberation & Community Zones webpages.


Current Campaigns

Find out more about the student-led campaigns taking place this year and support a cause that matters to you!

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Divest Imperial

Stop Funding Hate