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Fitness to Practice

If you are working towards an MBBS Qualification, the College has a duty to ensure that you are able to qualify and practice as a doctor.
Your fitness to practice could be called into question if you have gone through a disciplinary/misconduct procedure, if your behaviour raises questions about your ability to work in the medical profession or if you are unwell for long periods of time.
When an issue is first raised, it is referred to the Student Monitoring Group within the Faculty of Medicine. They will decide if the matter can be resolved internally or if it needs to be referred to a panel who will then hear the case.
If you find yourself in this situation read our helpful guide for further advice, and read through the Fitness to Practise Medicine Procedures provided by the College.
You can contact us for help by emailing We will go through the procedure with you, help you to put together a statement, suggest useful evidence and come to a hearing with you.