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No matter how many times you've done this before, sitting exams is stressful and causes a lot of anxiety. There are some things you can do to make life easier during exam season. At the top of this list is looking after yourself. Some level of stress is normal, but if you feel you are not coping and can’t bear the thought of having to study any longer, you need to tell someone as help is available. 

The Union has a full time Advice team dedicated to helping you. The Advice team can provide support in a variety of ways; the ones specifically related to exams are outlined below. 

Mitigating Circumstances

If you feel you can't sit or prepare for an exam, come talk to the Union's Advice team. Depending on the reason, we may be able to help you through College's Mitigating Circumstances Procedure. Mitigating Circumstances Policy and Procedures.It's for students who are facing unique challenges that affect their ability to prepare or sit for an assessment. Each case is different, so come and talk to us and we'll guide you. We're also able to provide additional support through referrals or internal resources. We are impartial, confidential and independent of College. 


If you need to appeal an exam result or have been accused of academic misconduct, our Advice team will also be able to help. We will support and guide you in an impartial, independent and confidential manner. Contact us about any of the following: academic judgments, administrative errors, misconduct, mark checks, fitness to practice, withdrawal, or degree not awarded. This list is not exhaustive, so please contact us if you are unsure and we'll offer support and guidance. We're here for you and if we can't handle your case directly, we'll point you in the right direction.


Look after yourself. Studying 24 hours a day will achieve little. You need to plan and structure your day and include a good amount of sleep and breaks during your study time. You need time to process what you've learnt and recharge before the next session. Without this, you won’t achieve the grades you are aiming for.

Imperial runs some very useful workshops. These are not a waste of time! They will help you make the most of the time you have. Details can be found on their website Workshops | Imperial College London

How is everything going?

If you feel things are not going very well, remember you're not alone. Talk to a friend, your department or just reach out to us in the Advice team. We are all here for you. Imperial College Health Centre offers tips and advice on how to deal with exams and stress 

You should know the rules

Please click here for some important instructions for candidates. It is important to inform your department if your studies are being affected by circumstances beyond your control. These are called mitigating circumstances. If you prefer to speak to someone outside of your department in confident you can contact us here.

Should you need information about special examination arrangements, please click here. This needs to be in place well in advance so make sure you discuss this with your department as soon as possible if you haven’t all ready done so.

Should you need information about appeal procedures, please click here. If you have sat your exam and this was affected by mitigating circumstances you might be able to appeal.

Things you should check

  • Check you know where the exam is taking place the day before the exam
  • If you are travelling to the exam by public transport check that everything is running as normal
  • Leave your house in plenty of time just in case something unexpected happens along the way
  • If you have an exam first thing in the morning make sure you get everything ready for it the night before

For more information, please try Student Minds and Sleep Council.

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