PhD and supervisor issues


Do you have issues with your supervisor?    You may want to try the college mediation process for research students  

You can also contact the Postgrad school for support and advice. 

You automatically become a member of the Graduate School when you register as a postgraduate student at Imperial. They can help with, Training and development courses, Networking activities, social and academic events to encourage cross-disciplinary interactions. Forums to represent the views of postgraduate students throughout the College and Masterclass’/professional skills courses. Visit graduate-school/ 

All courses can be booked online. 
Contact us Level 3, Sherfield Building, South Kensington Campus 020 7594 1383
graduate school

Are you one of a number of PG students suffering from:

These are some of the common themes we hear, stress triggers and conflicts experienced by PhD students. “ It’s not fair that I wait so long for a much needed timely responses from my supervisor

How can we help

  • We can tell you rights and liaise with departments and supervisors on behalf of you. We can support you through a complaint. We can put you in touch with the Post Grad school union group who meet to discuss things around institutional cultural behaviour? They can also take issues to Department reps. They can speak with course administrators and bring up issues at department committee meetings.

The quality of PhD supervision is a hot topic, not only at Imperial College but across the whole UK. Decision-makers across Imperial College are becoming increasingly aware that the quality of supervision is the major predictor of satisfaction and well-being of any PhD student. Together with the Imperial College Union, the College administration works hard in improving the supervision and the welfare system for students with problems.

There are many great supervisor-student relationships out there. But some are not so pleasant, causing stress and mental health issues. Severe cases of bullying and sexual harassment continue happening at most British academic institutions, as frequently reported by the Guardian.

Together with the Imperial College Newspaper Felix, the Graduate Student Union (GSU) created a platform where supervision stories can be shared anonymously. Show others how supervision can work well. Tell the story of how you found support in the College welfare system when you had a problem. Or help us to point out where the system failed to give the response you wished for, or where fear and frustration stop you from taking action. 

The GSU will make sure that your stories are published fully anonymous and depersonalised in the College Newspaper Felix. Once a month, Felix will publish two diverse supervision stories. Be one of the first to share yours and help the GSU in making the systematic improvements our students need.


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