From time to time you will experience problems with your finances. We can help with some of the most common issues.

Dealing with Creditors

  • Writing a Hold Letter to your creditor, which essentially means that we'll be asking for time to pay your debt
  • Drawing up a financial budget sheet

Debt Relief Options

Creditor Harassment

  • We can help you report unlawful behavior to the financial governing bodies
  • Check whether your credit agreement is enforceable
  • Help to suspend bailiff action
  • Advise on how to deal with court action

Deal with Priority & Non-Priority Debt

  • Priority - we can advise on how to pay your rent and council tax
  • Non-Priority - we can advise on how to pay your credit cards and non secured loans
  • For additional advice and practical help in contacting creditors and re-negotiating your debt payment, click here

Student Financial Support team 

If you suddenly find yourself in financial difficulties or experience an unexpected change in circumstances, you may be eligible to apply for emergency financial help through the Student Support Fund. The fund which is given by the College alongside generous donations from our students, staff, alumni and other supporters. The aim of the fund is to help current students who experience genuine financial hardship with their cost of living and excludes any support towards tuition fees or visas. All students are able to apply.