IC Radio

Here at ICRadio, we’re always looking for new students to get involved in radio and host their own shows. 

Firstly, you need to purchase membership. It’s only £10 and money raised from this goes back into buying and repairing equipment, organising socials and generally making ICRadio better.

Once you’ve purchased membership, you need to organise a training session with our Heads of Programming, Michael and Ethan. Training sessions usually take place on Wednesday afternoons and give you a thorough introduction to the studio, including how to use the equipment correctly and how to host. Even if you’re a novice, at the end of our training sessions you should be well on your way to hosting your own show. 

Now that you’re trained, you will need to book a slot for your show. You can host at any time during the day, but make sure you don’t book a slot when you have a tutorial or a lecture! Again, booking slots is done through Programming.

So you have a show and you’ve managed to get your friends (and parents) to listen in but you want to advertise it to boost your listener count. Head of Promotions, Matt, can help you out with this. From scheduling tweets and Facebook posts, to banners on the ICRadio website, to flyers around campus — there are so many ways to find new listeners.

Those are the basics of hosting a radio show which should provide you with a solid understanding with which to continue hosting week after week. For more advanced shows, such as having phone-ins, live band recordings or multiple show hosts, we have more advanced training sessions available. Again, these are open to all those with radio membership.

We hope to see you in the studio soon! ​


Joining Radio Flow Chart