Wellbeing Representation Network

What is the Wellbeing Representation Network?

The Wellbeing Representation Network is a body of about 90 student representatives. The Wellbeing Reps are responsible for identifying issues and raising awareness in areas affecting students such as health, financial concerns, relationships, equality & diversity and personal safety (all of these are explained on our Rep Network Pathways diagram).

Imperial College is a high-performing, pressurised and fast-paced environment. The Rep network works with the College so departments can understand the issues students face outside of their academic studies, ensuring that student wellbeing is considered at the same level of importance as academic excellence.


What do Reps do?

The Wellbeing Reps have two main responsibilities: the first is to collect feedback from students, regarding topics within their remit, to alert university staff of issues affecting students’ wellbeing within their cohort. Equally as important, the network of reps serve as a campaigning body to promote messages about positive wellbeing and signposting to relevant internal and external support services.

Reps will attend a number of meetings with both College and Union staff throughout the year, communicating their findings with staff and play a key role in finding student-centric solutions to problems within their cohort and the wider Imperial community.

Volunteer role descriptions are available for for Year and Departmental Representatives.

For more details about the day-to-day responsibilities of the role, check out the Rep Handbooks!


How is the Network Structured?

The Network has a similar structure to our Academic Representation Network, consisting of one Year Representative for Wellbeing per year group and one Departmental Representative for Wellbeing. The Year Reps will be the point of contact for their cohort and work with the Department Reps to identify issues to be raised with College staff in their departments.

These Reps will also work with their respective Constituent Union Welfare Officers, identifying issues that are affecting the whole faculty. All of these volunteer roles are led and support by your elected Officer Trustee, Shervin Sabeghi, the Deputy President (Welfare)

You can find all your Reps by searching for your course or research group on our Representative A to Z. Alternatively check the sidebar on the 'Your Union' section of the website (once logged on), where your Reps’ names will be displayed.



Would you like to be a Wellbeing Representative in your department? We run two elections - one in March for Departmental Wellbeing Rep positions and one in October for Year Wellbeing Rep positions - keep an eye out on our website for when nominations are open!

We're committed to ensuring all of our Wellbeing Representatives are equipped with the skills and knowledge they need to fulfil their roles, which is why for the Wellbeing Rep Network all our Reps are required to attend a 2-hour induction session after they have been elected. 


Contact Details

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with your elected student representative and our members of staff: