Registration for 18/19 has now closed

ICXP - Imperial Club Experience Project - is a way for Club, Society & Project (CSP) committees to be recognised and rewarded by the Union for their successes. 

CSPs will receive points for completing a series of goals which will add up to give an overall level of achievement. Each level will unlock a collection of rewards, from expert-led training and priority access, to an awards night in the spring.


The goals are split into five themes; click the links below to find out more about them.

Why get involved?

With over 375 Clubs, Societies & Projects, a groups' success can often get lost.

With this in mind, the scheme offers the following benefits:

  • Evidence: by gaining formal accreditation from the Union, you can evidence your time on a committee, and more importantly, that your club was well managed. This can look great on your CV! You can also evidence to potential members that you are managing your CSP well in all areas - from your democratic processes to finances and activity. 
  • Employability: A clear structure in which to articulate the key skills & experiences employers look for, fostered during your time on a committee 
  • Promotion: By allowing us to understand your CSPs activities and events we are better placed to promote your CSP and provide greter visability to potential members
  • Exclusive rewards: CSPs that take part can unlock exclusive rewards for their committee
To learn about how to gain points visit the Levels page.


Registration for 18/19 has now close