Rights and Responsibilities

The following table lays out the rights and responsibilities of the various parties involved in the room booking process.




Committee Members of Club/Society/Project

  • To request a reasonable amount of space for their club activities.
  • To receive communication in regards to that request within a reasonable time-frame.
  • To receive help from the Student Activities Team in finding space for their club activities.
  • To be provided with training opportunities on how to book spaces on campus and to have access to up-to-date information.
  • To provide as much information about the bookings as requested, necessary for its processing.
  • To maintain reasonable noise and disruption levels in the spaces booked, especially if they are departmentally owned.
  • To leave all rooms as they were found, referring to the room schematic, where such exists.
  • Departmental space used for student activities shall only be requested via the Union space request system.

Student Activities Team

  • To rescind any requests, after consultation with the DPCS, if they are judged to be in excess of the club’s actual needs or if a club is misusing the space.
  • To request more information form clubs, in regards to their bookings, as needed.
  • To penalise Clubs and Societies, using a three-strike system, should they be misusing the space allocated to them, eventually banning them, upon their reaching a third strike.
  • To communicate, in a timely matter, with the Club, Society or Project requesting a ticket.
  • To act as a mediator between Clubs and Societies and Departmental administrators in cases of infractions.
  • To attempt to secure as much space as possible for Club and Society activities.
  • To distribute available spaces between Clubs and Societies in a timely, equitable and transparent manner.

Department Room Booking Administrator

  • To deny any requests for space form a Club or Society if they interfere with teaching, or regular departmental activities.
  • To request more information from Clubs and Societies in regards to their space request, before granting it.
  • To request a change in space, already booked by a club, only after providing a valid reason for that change, as well as providing alternatives for the club in question.
  • To find out as much information as possible as to the Club or individuals responsible for a room infraction, before bringing the matter up with the Students Union.
  • To communicate directly with the Student Union on issues relating to club activities in their spaces.
  • To process any requests for their space in a timely manner.

 Deputy President (Clubs & Societies)

  • To look into Club and Society requests and judge whether the space requested is reasonable, and benefits the greatest number of members in that club.
  • To scrutinise and revoke any external speakers or presenters which may bring the Student Union or College into disrepute.
  • To aid the Student Activities Team in processing of space requests as necessary.
  • To process any booking requests, which require their input, in a timely manner.
  • To ensure that the space booked by Clubs and Societies benefit the greatest number of Union members.

Campus Security

  • To report any misbehaviour of students to the Student Union.
  • To evacuate a space in case of an emergency or a dangerous situation.
  • To give good reasons for denying any request for space.
  • To process such requests in a timely manner.