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Submit any additional evidence by 03 May 2019 for them to be included in your total 

So you've signed up to ICXP and are working towards accreditation from the Union. You may have noticed that some of the Goals are not measured via eActivities. In this case we require CSPs to submit evidence for these points. Below you will find a webform you can use to submit any additional evidence you need to level up. Simply upload a screenshot, document or whatever evidence has been specified in the table below.
Sponsorship package Upload a sponsorship package Doc./pdf file upload
Large Event/Trip or Tour Risk Assesments Number of Large Event/Trip or Tour risk assessments  Doc./screenshot of updated Annual Risk Assessment (eActivities)
CSP AGM/eVoting positions All CSP comittee positions receive a nomination (unique individual per position) at the AGM or via eVoting Doc./pdf of AGM voting record or minutes
Handover Document Submit a CSP handover document or evidence of a handover Doc./pdf/ppt
Alumni Events Run an alumni event Doc./pdf/screenshot & photos
Campaigns, Liberation & Fundraising Support a campaign, work with our Liberation & Community officers or fundraise for Charity Doc./pdf/screenshot & photos
Member Training Provide training for members Doc./pdf/ppt/screenshot & photos
Wellbeing Events & Activities Run a wellbeing event or activity for your members Doc./pdf/screenshot & photos

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