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New/Replacement Tankards

Tankards which represent a volunteer position in the Union can be added to the collection, but they must be of the standard design and purchased through the Union to ensure consistency. Each new tankard costs £100 which includes the engraving of the appropriate crest and role name. The role, Club or Society must have existed for at least five years for a tankard to be created. It is appropriate when a tankard is created to engrave the names of those who have held the role previously, so at least £150 should be budgeted for a new tankard. Each additional name costs £10. All costs of new tankards are passed to the associated Club, Society or Constituent Union. New tankards are created once a year, over the summer break, and are subject to there being enough available space on the shelves behind the bar. To apply for a new tankard, please complete the form below.

Tankards can also go missing, whether due to the high usage or failure to return to the bar. If your tankard has gone missing, you can order a new one here. The cost of the replacement lies with the club, this will include the engraving of the previous post holders as far as records allow. To order a replacement, please complete the form below.