When can I book those spaces?

Yearly Bookings: Yearly bookings are processed and booked during the summer by the Sports Coordinator and Student Activities Administrator (for specific dates, please see Booking Dates). The spaces which can be booked for the year ahead are all of the Designated Sports Facilities, the Junior Common Room (JCR) (after 18:00 in the evenings) and the Gym, Union Concert Hall, Union Dining Hall and Activity Spaces 1 and 2 in the Union. Ad-hoc bookings can still be made in those spaces after Yearly Bookings has closed, however, they will have to go through the Sports Coordinator, if they are Sports Facilities Bookings, or through the eActivities system, if they are in the Union and/or JCR bookings.

Block Bookings: You can make a block booking before the start of each term (see Booking Dates). The spaces in which you can make Block Bookings are all of the Union Spaces and all of the Departmental Spaces, with the exception of the JCR. You can request to book a table for a couple of hours in the JCR, through the Equipment/JCR bookings function in eActivities.

Ad-hoc: Ad-hoc bookings can be made during any period outside of theYearly and Block bookings periods and can be submitted for any of the rooms listed in Bookable Spaces.