Union Minibus


All the Union’s minibuses are equipped with fuel cards, which allow diesel to be purchased from fuel stations and charged directly to the Union, without users having to spend any money. The cost of the fuel is not included in the cost of hiring a Union minibus and fuel purchases using the fuel card in a minibus will be automatically charged to the group using the vehicle.

Minibuses should be full of fuel when collected. If you collect a minibus which is not full of fuel, please drive to the nearest fuel station and fill the tank to the top with diesel, using the fuel card. This action should be noted on the hire form and bought to the attention of the staff in the Student Activities Centre. The cost will be charged to the previous users, along with a fine. You should always return a minibus with a full tank of fuel – this means filling the tank until the fuel pump venture cuts off, not when the gauge indicates full.