Many of our Clubs, Societies and Projects visit new and different locations to represent Imperial College London and carry out their activity throughout the year. Tours over the last few years have ranged from discovering new caves in Slovenia to singing A Cappella in America and playing rugby in Argentina.

Trips vs Tours

The difference between a trip and tour is defined in the Tours policy and is important if you wish to apply for funding from the IC Trust Tours pot. As a basic explanation, a trip is a regular or generic part of your club's activity. Examples include '30 away matches' or '5 weekends in the Mountain Hut'.

A Tour is defined as a period of 2 days and 2 nights residential stay (overnight) outside of London*

*details within the tours policy apply

Planning a Tour

For advice on how to plan a Tour, please refer to the Trips & Tours collection on the Training Hub. 

If your club are planning a Tour you will need to submit a Tours application

You can submit your application via eActivities > Administration > Clubs, Societies & Projects > Tours > Create Tour Application.

Once submitted you will need to do the following:

1. Submit a Tour Risk Assessment

You can either:

2. Submit details of your participants (via an Activity Registration)

  • Go to eActivities > Administration > Clubs, Societies & Projects > Register New Activity

We need this information for insurance purposes, and to contact you if there is an accident or incident on the tour.

3. Attend a Tours training workshop

  • The Trips & Tours workshop is designed to prepare you as a tour organiser/lead in planning your tour, managing the safety of your participants, the tours funding process and submitting your post-tour report.
Book onto a Trips & Tours workshop by going to

Tours Funding

Each year, Imperial College Union applies to the IC Trust for funding and uses this money to financially support groups with their travel costs. If your Club, Society or Project would like to apply for Tours funding, you will be asked to submit a budget following your initial Tours application. You will also be required to submit a tour report which outlines the activities that you undertook as part of your tour and its impact on your members. You submit your report to the Student Activities team. Reports are submitted to College anually and need be reflective and representative of your CSP. You can find some examples from previous years.

Below you can view the funding deadline dates for Tour applications, budget and report submissions for the current academic year; 

2020 - 2021

Winter Tours 

No tours possible

Spring Tours 

No tours possible

Summer Tours

Tour Period 26/06/2021 - 17/12/2021
Tour Application 01/01/2021 - 30/04/2021
Tour Budget 14/05/2020 - 14/06/2020
Tour Report 11/10/2020*

*If your tour is not finished till after the date indicated, then please submit your Tour Report no later than 1 week after the end of your tour. If you fail to submit a tour report, that may affect your eligibility for Tour Funding in the following year. 

How do I apply for Tours Funding?

To submit a Tours funding application, go to to eActivitites > Administration > Clubs, Societies & Projects > Tours > Create Tour Application.

Once your Tour has been approved by the Tours Board (a student-led sub-committee of the Clubs, Societies & Projects Board) and is deemed to meet the criteria of a 'Tour', you will be required to submit a budget within the relevant budget deadline specified above.