New Activities Incubator

What is the 'New Activities Incubator'?

Being placed in the New Activities Incubator (NAI) means that you will be able to run (mostly) as a newly formed Club, Society or Project but with a little help from the Activities Team.

You will be invited to attend a range of training workshops, run by the Student Activities Coordinator (Development) or our Student Trainers, which will introduce you to the Union, eActivities and the Activities Team, and explain the necessary steps to graduate from the Incubator to become a fully-fledged Club, Society or Project.

During your time in the Incubator, you will be expected to run between 2-3 events to help promote your activity and to give you the experience you’ll need as a group. Why not use Give it a Go to promote your event?

You are also expected to gain at least 20 members and are encouraged to start thinking about the future of your society – what you’d like to do in 3 months, 6 months and a years’ time etc.

After this time, you will be asked to write a report and present it back to the New Activities Committee (NAC). For details on how to complete the report click here

Please do note that, in line with the NAC Policy, if a Club, Society or Project is in the Incubator for 12 months and have not met the requirements of the Committee as set out in the Policy, they will be closed. This is in effect from the beginning of the 2017/18 academic year.