There are 3 levels which CSPs can work towards with each unlocking a different set of rewards

Level 1

Level 1 involves completing a number of compulsory goals, formerly known as 'minimum requirements'. These include forms and operaitonal bits that all CSPs are expected to do anyway. 

All goals within level 1 must be completed by the final deadline in the summer term in order for a CSP to be eligible for levels 2 and 3

 For instance, you might be running lots of great events and activities but without the basics we can't consider you a well-run CSP.
  1. Financial Responsibility form
  2. Not in debt*
  1. Submit a signed copy of the form to union@imperial.ac.uk
  2. eActivities tracked: we will check this via eActivities > Administration > CSPs > Details > Members
*Unless with prior approval from the Deputy President (Finance & Services)
  1. Annual Risk Assessment
  2. Affiliations
  3. Instructors
  1. Submit an Annual Risk Assessment via eActivities > Administration > CSPs > Documentation > Risk Assessment
  2. Submit the affiliations form via eActivities > Administration > CSPs > Documentation > Affiliations
  3. Submit the instructors form via eActivities > Administration > CSPs > Documentation > Instructors
  1. 20 members
  2. Constitution
  3. No 'naughty officers'
  4. AGM/eVoting
  1. eActivities tracked: we will check this
  2. Have a Constitution recorded via eActivities > Administration > CSPs > Documentation > Constitution > Current version
  3. eActivities tracked: ensure all committee officers have purchased membership to the CSP
  4. eActivities tracked: we will check this via eVoting or Next Year Contact Details
  1. Key Information Quiz
  2. 1 club committee officer attends an Officer Academy
  1. eActivities tracked: ensure all committee officers have completed the Key Information quiz via eActivities
  2. Register taken at Officer Academy on the day; this can be any position in your committee

Level 2+

To reach levels 2 and 3 you have the choice of a range of goals to complete, dependent on where your strengths and interests lie as a CSP.

HOWEVER, we're looking for all-rounders!

Each goal within a theme is worth a defined number of points. You must gain a certain percentage of points across all 5 themes in order to receive accreditation. All themes have maximum points of 100.






Overall points 
across 5 themes 
250 375
Percentage 50% 75%
Points 50 points 75 points
To view the goals within each theme visit the About page a click though the links provided.