Union Minibus

Driving in Europe

Currently the Union has two minibuses which can be taken to other European Union countries – they have 9 seats and a large amount of loading space for equipment. You must have at least 2 drivers if you are taking a minibus to Europe. 

Restrictions on driving minibuses in Europe are different to those in the UK and you must contact the Student Activities minibuses team before considering taking a Union minibus abroad. This should be done as far in advance as possible and bookings can be confirmed further in advance then the normal 2 weeks. The bookings for the minibuses are done in the usual way (via eActivities).

There are different regulations for each country in Europe so check that you have all the necessary information and for each county. If you are considering taking a minibus to a country outside of the European Union then please contact the Student Activities minibuses team as far in advance as possible.