Deputy President (Clubs & Societies ) role

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Leading the development and growth of our 350+ Clubs, Societies and Projects, the Deputy President (Clubs & Societies) is at the centre of the Imperial extra-curricular experience. Activities and interests as diverse as skydiving, economics, meat appreciation, obstetrics, science fiction and rugby are supported to run hundreds of events and visit dozens of countries - as well as raise over £2m in sponsorship, fees and ticket income - each year. Together with the Deputy President (Finance & Services), the Deputy President (Clubs & Societies) ensures training, support and recognition for every student who takes a volunteer role in our activities. 

What you would do as Deputy President (Clubs & Societies)

Key Facts

    • Full-time, paid role (circa £32K)
    • Term in office: Mid July 2020 - 31 July 2021
    • Responsible for supporting our 350+ Clubs, Societies and Projects as they put on thousands of events, matches, competitions and conferences every year
    • Jointly responsible for supporting our 3,000+ volunteers to boost their personal and professional development
    • Member of Imperial College Union's Board of Trustees
    • Leader of Clubs, Societies & Projects Board and supporter of Management Group Chairs 


The current postholder is Thomas Debetz Fernandez

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What you would learn as Deputy President (Clubs & Societies)

Do you want a job where every day is different and you are continually learning about new activities, ideas and interests?

In this role you would be in the engine room of the busiest hive of extra-curricular activity of any UK university. Very few graduate jobs would give you this level of independence and responsibility straight out of your studies - but Imperial College Union would support you to make your own mark on the Imperial student experience while sharpening your own leadership and organisational skills.

As Deputy President (Clubs & Societies), you would develop your:

  • Leadership ability, supporting and leading hundreds of groups and making changes to give them more resources and independence
  • Strategic thinking, as you look ahead to tackle challenges such as space scarcity, accessibility of events, and encouraging students to balance their studies and extra-curricular activities
  • Interpersonal and public speaking skills, working with senior College decision-makers, Union staff and student volunteers
  • Ability to empower and develop others, as you encourage volunteers and activity leaders to pursue their goals and arrange ever-better events and competitions
  • Stakeholder management, as you balance the competing views and interests within the student body and the wider Imperial community

Role Description

The Deputy President (Clubs & Societies) shall:

  • Take on Presidential duties as appropriate
  • Be jointly responsible with the Deputy President (Finance & Services) for the training, support, and recognition of Clubs, Societies & Projects (CSP) volunteers, in conjunction with the relevant Union committees
  • Liaise with Union staff to ensure that appropriate support is being given to all Clubs, Societies & Projects
  • Be responsible for reporting student opinion on and needs of CSPs to the College and external bodies, suggesting areas for development and enhancing the student experience and provision for students, in conjunction with the relevant Union committees and staff
  • Be jointly responsible with Deputy President (Finance & Services) for overseeing support on financial matters to Clubs, Societies & Projects
  • Be responsible for the development of space throughout the Union 
  • Be responsible for the development of Union processes to facilitate Union activities 
  • Be responsible for overseeing the effective organisation of Freshers' Fair

All Officer Trustees shall:

  • Act as a Trustee ex-officio
  • Fulfill all Presidential and constitutional responsibilities
  • Execute and develop policy and further the aims and objectives of the Union
  • Ensure that all members of the Union are equally represented
  • Chair relevant Union committees
  • Liaise with Union and College staff as appropriate
  • Represent the Union on external committees as appropriate
  • Report to Union committees as appropriate
  • Establish extra duties with the President where appropriate
  • Coordinate the work of the non-Trustee officers of the Union
  • Deliver the Union's strategic aims and uphold the Union's values
  • Ensure that the Union provides relevant and sustainable events and services that meet the demands of its members
  • Campaign where appropriate on issues relevant to the membership