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Imperial Cut the Rent

The problem

At the end of last term and this term, the Union negotiatiated with the College over the price of rent in first-year halls of residence. These negotiations were led by the President and Deputy President (Welfare), but all the fundamental decisions were made by Union Council. The negotiations have come to an end, and the headline result is that an agreement could not be reached. You can find out more about what happened in this blog post. The College have released the prices for next year's rents on the website here, and these represent a 5.5% increase on what students are paying this year. This increase will happen year on year until 2022/23 and then become inflationary. This means students in 5 years time will be paying 23% more on average than they are now.


We believe that first year halls of residence are a crucial aspect of the student experience and should be genuinely affordable to all. The College should be engaging the Union in meaningful negotiation surrounding halls prices - taking into account the financial model and potential subsidies. The long term aims of this campaign are to ensure that hall rents are affordable for all and financial decisions at the College, such as this, are made in a transparent way - including those they affect.


  • Re-open negotiations with the College over halls rent, thus abandoning their current 5-year model
  • Lobby the College to consider the implications of financial decisions on cost of living for students
  • Ensure halls rent prices are genuinely affordable for all students

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