Why Should You Run?

Wednesday 11 October 2017

Hi Everyone,

It's a short one today but with only 24 hours(ish) left to nominate yourselves, we couldn't let the opportunity go! There are lots of different reasons to run for a role in the Union’s elections and we’ve picked our top three in the hope we can persuade you to stand!

You can make a change.

Walk around campus for a few minutes and you’ll hear someone suggesting how they’d improve their experience. Everyone has a different journey and you can use your experience to improve it for others. Whether that’s on Union Council or as part of our representation networks, it’s incredibly satisfying to see the impact you can have.

You get to meet people.

Running for a position means you need votes. The easiest way to get those votes is to talk to the voters! Whether that’s your course-mates or students from all over Imperial, it can build your confidence and, who knows, you’ll probably meet some great people (like your fantastic Officer Trustee team) along the way.

You can develop new skills.

No matter what role you hold in the Union, there is an array of training opportunities for you. Imperial Plus is open to all students and offers accreditation and recognition for your hard work and senior volunteers can even undertake national qualifications.

We’d love for you to stand and join us as this year’s student leaders. You can find out all the information at imperialcollegeunion.org/elections. Nominations close 23:59 Thursday 12 October, so nominate yourself now before it’s too late!

Happy Nominating,

Your Officer Trustee Team