Deputy President (Clubs & Societies)

Give It A Go!

Friday 27 September 2013 Deputy President (Clubs & Societies)

I'm really excited to announce the launching of Imperial College Union's first Give It A Go scheme!

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Beit, BUCS and Blogging

Thursday 1 August 2013 Deputy President (Clubs & Societies)

On the hottest day in 7 years it’s my first day as DPCS and I have found myself helping with preparations for the building work on the new level 3 meeting rooms.

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Supporting your societies and reps

Monday 18 March 2013 Deputy President (Clubs & Societies)

In a bid to investigate what extra help we could give Departmental Societies and Academic Representatives Kate and I have met with a number of Imperial students over the past few weeks.

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Tours Funding Increase

Thursday 15 November 2012 Deputy President (Clubs & Societies)

Stefan and I have just secured an increase of £3000 in IC Trust funding to the Union, a significant achievement in these times of austerity.

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Union Map

Wednesday 14 November 2012 Deputy President (Clubs & Societies)

A map of the union now in the about us section of the website, check it out here. This is in response to the frequency to which students ask where rooms are.

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New Fuel Cards

Monday 24 September 2012 Deputy President (Clubs & Societies)

For years the Union minibuses have contained a Shell fuel card. This was great as it allowed students to buy fuel for the minibus without having to use their own money.

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Freshers' Fair 2012

Friday 21 September 2012 Deputy President (Clubs & Societies)

After almost a month of planning, all the requests have been received, tables located and plans drawn up.

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