The In-Ciders Scoop

Thursday 31 May 2018

As Matt announced in his blog two weeks ago, come 1 August, we have a new bar supplier! The bars are an important part of our commercial services and every penny we generate in sales goes back into our services for you- including clubs and societies, support of our rep networks, development programmes and advice centre.

Tendering for a new bar supplier every few years ensures we get the best deal for you; in the products we can offer and the overall experiences you have in our venues. After a lot of hard work from our bar tender panel, Molson Coors has been appointed for a 3-year deal. This deal will give everyone a better range of products (and deals), greater event support and improved training for our hardworking bar staff.

The most exciting part of this deal (for me, anyway) is that we get to name our own house cider! Given Matt is on leave after the (very draining) tender process, I will now make an attempt for the most read blog of the year.

So, drum roll please....


Our Shortlist

Mr BrightCider
What a tune! It's a regular feature in Metric or Reynolds on a Wednesday and Friday night so why not name our house cider after it?!
For those who (deliberately) gave up maths a few years ago, Psi is the Greek letter ψ, usually used in physics to represent wave functions in quantum mechanics. dr is the differential with respect to r, usually distance in the radial direction in polar coordinates.
Malus Principia
Malus is the scientific genus under which apple trees are classified. Principia translates to principles and is also the name of Sir Isaac Newton's theory on gravity. Potential translations include 'principles of evil', 'a bad beginning' or 'fundamental truth of apples'...
The Chipper Piglet
I neither suggested or shortlisted this option but #legacy

Thank you to Gemma, Ryan, Jordan and Sophie for the suggestions! You can vote for your favourite on the poll until 8 June (you need to log in and once you've voted you won't be able to change your choice). After that, we will be announcing the name of our new house cider!

Happy Voting!