Supporting the start of your year

Deputy President (Welfare)
Tuesday 9 October 2018
I’m over two months in and this is my first blog! It’s just a little collection of information about how we’re here to support you and ways you can get involved. If you have questions or thoughts please get in touch; you can email me, tweet me or pop into the Union. I’m a big fan of the exclamation mark and I'm not even sorry. I had a great time writing this!


Wellbeing Representation Network

Your wellbeing is soooo important to your time at Imperial. It comes before everything else and by having wellbeing reps you are constantly reminded of this. These reps may put on community building events, campaign for change and signpost individual students. It’s a great way to get involved in what’s going on across Imperial and build strong relationships in your department. You can speak to your reps about your ideas or stand in the elections and be the rep. Visit for more information.


Liberation and Community Officers

This is the year of the liberation reform!! I am super excited about the work we will be doing together and you should be too! Liberation and community officers represent marginalised groups or groups whose experiences are not understood. There are 8 officers: LGBT+, Black & Minority Ethnic, Gender Equality, Disabilities, International, Interfaith, Mental Health and Ethics & Environment. They challenge social injustices, campaign for change and build communities. They represent you and want to hear your voice. You can sign-up to get updates from these officers here and to find out how you can get involved in the work they are doing. Look out for liberation events, campaigns and activities going on across Imperial.


Advice Centre

If you’ve just arrived back and have found you have a problem, pop into the Advice Centre or email They can help with academic and non-academic issues and are here to support all students. I’ve found that many students are wary of asking for help, but we can’t help you unless you ask! The service is free, confidential and non-judgemental. You may particularly like using the service because it is completely separate to Imperial College so is impartial and independent.


Mums and Dads

As a new student it can be scary moving to a new city and starting a new adventure but that’s where the Mums and Dads buddy scheme comes in! We had over 1000 current students sign up to be a buddy (this could be a record, or it might not be, I didn’t check). Look out for your DepSocs who will be running Mums and Dads events, allowing you to meet and get to know your family. They are doing an amazing job and it’s an easy way to make friends and get tips. Email if you have any questions.


Stay Safe Campaign

You may have seen the posters around the Union Building, seen your Constituent Union shouting about it or have seen me giving out stay safe cards! The campaign highlights how important it is to know your way home and how tricky it can be in a new city, particularly if you’ve been drinking. We still have some stay safe cards with useful phone numbers on it, so you can pop into the Union and get those. While you’re still settling back into the term remember to plan your journey and take a friend along. We’re hoping to continue the campaign about being safe, particularly while drinking so watch this space!


Remember to look after yourself particularly as the term begins to pick up pace and to ask if you need help.