Summer Ball Updates: It's time for YOU to get creative!

Deputy President (Finance & Services)
Thursday 21 February 2019

The Summer Ball. Our chance to dress up, enjoy an evening of performances, and to celebrate the summer! This year I've been pushing for more and more student input on the planning - the theme, food, drinks, acts, etc.

Over the past week, I've been polling "What food/snacks/drinks do you want at the Summer Ball 2019?". The food and snacks options to choose from were: Burgers, Bacon/Sausage Rolls, Candy Floss, Chips, Crepes, Curry, Ice Cream, Kebabs, Pizza, Pie & Mash, Popcorn, and Tacos & Nachos. While the drinks options were: Bubble Tea, Cocktails, Draft Beer/Cider, Fizzy Drinks, Juice, Milkshakes (+ Hardshakes), Pimms, and Prosecco.

With a total of 1942 votes cast, the options were ranked based on % of voters selecting the option. The most popular food options are: Pizza (65.9%), Chips (64.5%) and Crepes (62.6%), while the favoured drinks options are: Cocktails (73.4%), Draft Beer/Cider (57.5%), Milkshakes (+ Hardshakes) (53.7%), and Pimms (50.0%). This infomation will now be used to help us find food vendors for the ball, who will cater to what you want! 

Cocktails were the most popular choice by far! We want to get everyone involved picking what we serve, so we're also holding a Cocktail Design Competition! Think of a recipe, and submit it below! Whether a common cocktail, or an imaginative concoction, send it in! It could be part of your claim to fame at the ball wink Can be alcoholic or non-alcoholic!

But it doesn't stop there!

We want to keep hearing your thoughts!


Cocktail Competition:

You have your choice of mixers, garnishes, and max 2 shots of alcohol/liqueurs!
Practiced at home? Show us how it should look!
Files must be less than 2 MB.
Allowed file types: gif jpg jpeg png.