Why our clubs are the best

Deputy President (Clubs & Societies)
Wednesday 7 February 2018

So I’ve decided to try this blogging thing out. I’m still not convinced any of you read these but I’m told some of the stats are quite high, so I’m going to give it a shot.

Well what is this fantastic topic I’ve decided to break radio silence over? Obviously, my our CLUBS! (although the title of this blog is probably a giveaway)

What's so great about our clubs then?

Well for starters we have a lot of them. At my last count is was around 380, but it’s probably changed by now. This is unofficially the MOST CLUBS AT ANY UNIVERSITY IN EUROPE. The sad thing is there is no official way to compare numbers of clubs between universities, but I still haven’t found anywhere that has a number even close to ours.

My favourite thing is that all our clubs are completely student run. Sure the Union is here for your support and to make sure you all develop into future leaders, but the reality is that there are over 2,500 students volunteering their time, personally investing blood sweat and tears into the success of their own little business. And some really are run like businesses. Last year saw a turnover of £2.2 MILLION – Matt Blackett  - DPFS - tells me this is quite impressive (he went to the Business School, you know).

They are also pretty busy. You only have to look at the number of rooms we book (something like 100 a week) and pitches in use (there aren’t any that are ever empty) to know that most of our clubs are quite active.

Not only this, but all our storage issues are down to our clubs ever expanding (and not wanting to get rid of rubbish but that’s not the point). All of our clubs are clamouring to get more space because they all have more equipment and are doing more stuff and WANT TO GET BETTER!

Now the big question: What are we at the Union doing to help here?

The Student Activities team grabbed me and some of the other Sabbs at the start of the year and told us to get our thinking caps on. They wanted to come up with a way for us to recognise and reward all our clubs for the great work they do. They also wanted it to be a way for us to promote best practise and make sure all of our clubs are reaching their full potential.

And what came out the other side I’m quite proud of: ICXP – Imperial Club Experience Project

Not only is the branding of it the best thing to that ever come out of a marketing team (I’ve been promised that Robot will be dancing all over the website) but the process could not be better!

There’s points, there’s themes, there’s levels, but most importantly, there’s PRIZES.

We’ve set it up so every club will be able to get to Level 1 just by doing their normal day-to-day management, but if you want Level 3, and the juicer rewards, you’re going to have to work for it.

So finally: Why do I like it so much?

Simply put, it helps me tick off that training point on my manifesto.

But seriously, this is a scheme that even in its early stages looks fantastic. It rewards you for being a part of a club and devoting your social life to making it run better. We know that your work to make your clubs so great is what makes Imperial such a world leading university. So let us thank you for that, and help you develop it further.

But don’t just take my word for it, come to the Launch Party to find out even more about ICXP. Not only will I be there, but there’s free food and drink!

You can find out even more about ICXP on the website