Ethos Expanding? Concert Hall refurbishment? What is going on!!

Deputy President (Clubs & Societies)
Thursday 6 December 2018

1) Ethos Gym is being expanded (manifesto tick)

2) Fill in the Student Experience Survey (so projects like the Ethos Gym expansion can happen!)

3) Drumroll please... Harlington £500,000 results

It's been a rather busy couple of months since my last blog post, but it's finally time to let you all know some incredibly exciting news (think of it as an early Christmas present....).

Over the past two years, you've continually told us that Ethos Gym is too small, too overcrowded, not the right equipment, equipment not working properly, etc, etc, etc. 

Step 1 to improve this was the new gym tender, which you've hopefully all seen and heard about, which dramatically improved the type of equipment that was in demand, and the quality of the equipment. 

And I can now say with a spring in my step that... 


I've been working with Sport Imperial and the College over the past few months and we have now finally secured funding to expand the gym! This will mean a new functional room is created within Ethos, to cater for around 30 extra people, boosting capacity up to 110 people. More information on the type of space and designs will be released in the future - but the initial aim for project completion is by the end of the academic year. 

This project has come about because of The Student Experience Survey. This survey is sent to all non-final year students once a year as a chance for you to tell us about your experiences of Imperial, so that we can help to bring about change and improve your time here. Over 2 years, it became overwhelmingly obvious that there was a desire and a need for the gyms size and availability to be improved. These results were presented in a paper to college which has resulted in the funding being given. This survey is one of your major opportunities to actually create positive change at Imperial and make a real difference. Last year over 2000 respondents filled it out, which is absolutely fantastic, but we need more. The more of you filling it out, the bigger the impact the Student Voice has in creating real change. This survey covers a range of areas relating to your life at Imperial and the services and opportunities provided by the Union and the College, and will only take you 10-15 minutes to fill out. Better than that, once you have completed the survey you could win a prize from the prize draw (there's over £500 worth of prizes!). I will be writing a full report based on the outcomes of this years survey for students and College to see about what actions the students want taken. Please do take the time to let us know what you think by following this link. 

Harlington £500,000 results! 

And the winner is.... 

With applications totalling well in excess of £2 million, it was always going to be a tough call as to what was going to get funded. It was fantastic to see such a variance of ideas, from grand scale projects that would affect a majority of students to pieces of equipment that would keep clubs operating for decades to come. For all projects that couldn't be funded, and other ideas that you may have, please don't forget them. Whilst this isn't a regular opportunity, these chances do come round again so do pass the ideas over to future committees so that they can work on these ideas. Saying that, the two projects that got funded are:

1) Union Concert Hall Redevelopment - This project will completely refresh our 200 seat proscenium theatre, benefitting thousands of students each year. The works will leave Imperial with a theatre to be proud of for decades to come, with new features such as the installation of retractable raked seating, creation of a foyer and box office, refurbishment of the dressing rooms, and purchase of various technical equipment currently planned. The refurbishment will also make the theatre more suitable and accessible for other clubs and societies, giving it the potential to benefit an even wider portion of the student body. 

2) Off-Road Capable Expedition Vehicle - This project will improve our transport offering and complement the minibus hire scheme, benefitting clubs going on expeditions, tours, and also has potential to aid our storage problem. A 4x4 vehicle equipped with equipment for expeditions, towing gear and a 0.75 tonne trailer to be used for transport of club equipment will be purchased this academic year.