Snap it OFf

Snap It Off

We at Imperial College Union are very conscious about wasting energy, and we are becoming part of NUS’ Snap it Off campaign to prevent others wasting energy as well. You can become part of the campaign too! 

Snap it Off is a photo gallery of ecological naughtiness. The scheme all about lights - especially lights on where it is sunny, places with too many lights and old inefficient light bulbs. The plan is that you send in photos of places on campuses where lights have been left on and you can't turn them off, NUS publishes them, and then those in charge of lighting will do something about it!

All you need to do is take a photo from your phone or camera and send it in from your phone or online. To start the process text NUS to 07725 20 20 20, or submit it via the NUS Snap It Off website or on our NUS Facebook page.

We hope you’ll help us with this campaign and help conserve energy at the Union and College.