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Divest Imperial

The Problem

Imperial College London currently invests almost £9mn in fossil fuel companies, as well as £3mn in each of tobacco and arms industries. These unethical investments are at odds with Imperial’s stated aims.

Our campaign seeks to change this, by divesting the money currently invested in fossil fuels and other unethical funds, and re-investing them in ethical ones via a responsible investment strategy, democratically created with the staff and student body. Divestment as a strategy targets companies’ social license to continue operating in their current form, as well as undermining their financial viability.

Imperial College is a university with international influence whose decisions and policies have a profound global impact. Imperial has dedicated hundreds of students and academics, as well as multiple institutes, to understanding and mitigating climate change and its impacts. This research, however, is being undermined by the current strategic decisions of the university. 

In divesting from fossil fuels and other unethical businesses, Imperial College would be standing alongside over 1,000 other institutes, governments, and organisations, including the British Medical Association, University of Glasgow, Rockefeller Brothers Fund, King’s College London, a number of Oxbridge colleges, Ireland, and the Church of England. 

You can find out what they been up to by following their facebook or twitter accounts.


Implementation of a responsible investment strategy at Imperial College London, democratically crafted with the staff and student body, leading to divestment from fossil fuels, tobacco, and arms companies.


  • Imperial College should implement an ethical investment policy. The nature of this policy should be democratically decided in consultation with all interested staff and students of Imperial College.
  • Imperial College should immediately stop any future investments, direct and indirect, in the top 200 fossil fuel companies.
  • Over the next two years Imperial College should divest any current holdings, direct and indirect, in the top 200 fossil fuel companies.

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