New Club: Vehicle Design

A group of students approached the Union with the idea of setting up a club to act as a platform for student projects in the field of vehicle design. Their two main initial projects were the CubeSAT Project and the Shell Eco-Marathon.

Having met the Deputy President (Clubs & Societies) they completed a New Club form which was taken to the New Activities Committee (NAC). The students were then invited to present their idea which was approved by the NAC.

The Vehicle Design Club was placed in the New Club Incubator where they could access Union resource, were able to book rooms and use the Imperial College Union name. Whist in the New Club Incubator they delivered their first event whilst accessing support to do so from the Union.

Their first event was a huge success and was attended by 150 people. They submitted a report of the event to the NAC, after which they were approved as a full new club

The club has got off to an incredible start with a large number of interested students. They are providing an innovative and collaborative forum with a very motivated group of students running a successful society.