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Jill Finney

As Chair of the Board of Trustees of Imperial College Union, I am really keen to see an engaged, fully participative and high performing Board. It is always a welcome challenge when over half the Board change on an annual basis; bringing fresh, enthusiastic young members who are able to make a huge contribution in setting the direction and priorities of ICU. Mentoring and developing our new members is a critical role for Lay trustees and in my opinion one of the most rewarding aspects. 

My background is in Executive Marketing and Communications roles across large public and private sector organisations where I have spent a significant amount of time in leadership roles and strategy setting . I am also a Lay Trustee on 3rd sector Boards but always keen to make sure I have the right amount of time for the role of Chair at ICU.

Jill Finney
Chair, Board of Trustees
Subcommittee: Chair: Communications Committee