Welcome Fair 2019 - find your way around!

Tuesday 1 October 2019

Wet Weather Update

Due to the wet weather some outdoor stalls may have been relocated, including a number of Beit Quad stalls which can now be found in the Union Gym on Level 3. If you can't find a stall in the expected place, please ask our crew in the pink t-shirts.

As this is a very busy event many surfaces both indoors and outdoors may become slippery, so please take extra care making your way round!

Welcome Fair 2019 is the biggest event of Welcome and is your chance to meet every one of our over 350 Clubs, Societies & Projects.

The Welcome Fair, which in previous years was known as the Freshers' Fair, is held across Imperial College London's South Kensington campus and has around 400 stands spread across 14 areas.The fair starts at 11:00 on Tuesday 1 October and runs until 16:00.

We recommend just wondering around so you get a chance to take in the great atmosphere and see all the amazing stalls. However, if you want to find a specific stall we have all the tools here to help you!

Use our A-to-Z to find specific Clubs, Societies and Projects

Our A-to-Z lists every one of our Clubs, Societies & Projects (CSPs) and is one of the most popular pages on our website. We've added the location of individual stalls on each CSP page.

Grab a map on the day

Look out for our crew in pink t-shirts around the campus on the day. They will be handing our printed maps for the fair. Remember to recycle them when you are done though!

Download a PDF of the map

If you have want to just use your phone or iPad, then you can look after the environment and download a PDF of the map.