Stop Funding Hate

Newspapers are known to betray different views, however, sometimes they take this too far, stating racist, sexist, and other offensive comments that, as a Union and student body, we find unacceptable. Refusing to profit off these tabloids, our Union Council have voted on taking profits previously made from these newspapers and donating them to a campaign called ‘Stop Funding Hate’.

Stop Funding Hate’ is a social media campaign that aims to make hate unprofitable by persuading advertisers to pull their support from publications that spread hate and division. Our donations each month will enable more success stories, such as Lego ending their deal with The Daily Mail, and empower the campaign to make overarching changes in the industry.

On top of this, our Deputy President (Finance & Services) and other volunteers will be writing to the Independent Press Standards Organisation (IPSO), highlighting offensive headlines that go against our Union values of inclusivity and pressurising them to investigate these tabloids’ editorial standards.

But this can’t be done without your help! If you see an offensive headline, please report it using the form below, alerting us to the issue! Or if you’d like to join the writing team, please contact