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Union Council

Committee Members

  • Alistair Ludley
    Academic Chair
  • Gabrielle Harrow
    Academic Officer (Medical Biosciences)
  • Gargi Samarth
    Academic Officer (Medicine - Clinical Years)
  • Carmen Traseira Pedraz
    Academic Officer (Medicine - Early Years)
  • Hoi-Ming Yau
    CAG Chair
  • Zixiao Wang
    Council Representative (PG Engineering)
  • Milia Hasbani
    Council Representative (PG Engineering)
  • Danai Paidousi
    Council Representative (PG Engineering)
  • Sarah Sayers
    Council Representative (PG Medicine)
  • Hilary Guite
    Council Representative (PG Non Faculty)
  • Lloyd James
    Council Representative (PG Science)
  • Mary Thi
    Council Representative (PG Science)
  • Owen Heaney
    Council Representative (UG Engineering)
  • Simran Kukran
    Council Representative (UG Engineering)
  • Maurice Yap
    Council Representative (UG Engineering)
  • Miroslav Gasparek
    Council Representative (UG Engineering)
  • Waseem Hasan
    Council Representative (UG Medicine)
  • Jack Hall
    Council Representative (UG Medicine)
  • Adrian LaMoury
    Council Representative (UG Science)
  • Ansh Bhatnagar
    Council Representative (UG Science)
  • Iman Ahmadi Moghaddam
    Council Representative (UG Science)
  • Tasneem Mahmud
    Mental Health Officer
  • Michaela Flegrova
    Vice President (Education)
  • Aisha Chaudry
    Welfare Officer (ICSMSU)
  • Shervin Sabeghi
    Welfare Officer (RCSU)
  • Chloe Lewis
    Welfare Officer (RSM)
  • Thomas Fernandez Debets
    ACC Chair
  • Joseph O'Connell-Danes
    A&E Chair
  • Raya El Laham
    Postgraduate Taught Academic & Welfare Officer (Engineering)
  • Emma Couves
    Postgraduate Taught Academic & Welfare Officer (Natural Sciences)
  • Jenny Kim
    Postgraduate Taught Academic & Welfare Officer (Medicine)
  • Sam Yu
    Academic & Welfare Officer - Business School
  • James Medler
    Deputy President (Clubs & Societies)
  • Alejandro Luy
    Deputy President (Education)
  • Claudia Caravello
    Deputy President (Finance & Services)
  • Rebecca Neil
    Deputy President (Welfare)
  • Andrew Hill
    CGCU President
  • Ute Thiermann
    GSU President
  • David Tyoember
    Black & Minority Ethnic Students Officer
  • Samuel Haselgrove
    Disabilities Officer
  • Charlotte Griaud
    Ethics and Environment Officer
  • Shiyong Liu
    Gender Equality Officer
  • Salma El-Ghrably
    Interfaith Officer
  • Jehna Devlyn
    LGBTQ+ Officer
  • Yao Chen
    International Officer
  • Fraser May
    Media Chair
  • Daniel Faehndrich
    ICSMSU President
  • Chimdi Igwe
    OSC Chair
  • Robert Tomkies
    Union President
  • Thomas Pleece
    RCC Chair
  • Michael McGill
    RCSU President
  • Amy Tall
    Academic Liasion Officer (RSM)
  • Marta Wolinska
    RSM President
  • Daniel Wigh
    SCC Chair
  • Nils Bouillard
    Silwood Chair
  • Deraj Wilson-Aggarwal
    Silwood Chair

18:30 12 February 2019
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