Dr Rebecca Bell

Dr Rebecca Bell

The winner of the 2013 Student Academic Choice Award for Best Feedback was Dr Rebecca Bell, of the Department of Earth Science & Engineering.


Rebecca Bell is a Research Fellow at Imperial College London and specialises in the use of subsurface data to tackle complex tectonic problems; including how rift basins develop in areas of that have experienced multiple phases of extension and the seismic hazard associated with subduction zones. Rebecca completed a MEarth Sci degree at the University of Oxford before conducting a PhD in Marine Geophysics at the University of Southampton. She worked for GNS Science in New Zealand before working as a Statoil funded Post-Doctoral Research Associate at Imperial College between 2010-2012.

"I cannot imagine anyone who would be more deserving of formal recognition"

Dr Bell's reaction to winning a SACA:

"I was delighted to be awarded the 2013 Student Academic Choice Award for Best Feedback and I feel honoured that the students I teach and supervise have thought to nominate me for this award. Being relatively new to teaching, winning the award is excellent confirmation that my teaching is on the right track for the future! It is great to know the hours put into providing high quality feedback are appreciated by students, and the award has inspired me to seek ways to improve feedback even further."

Quotations from Dr Bell's nomination(s):

“Rebecca clearly went beyond the call of duty in providing every student with extremely detailed individual comments on their work, constructively explaining the areas where each of her students had done well, where there was room to do better and how they could aim to improve in future… Rebecca's exceptional dedication to providing all of her students with the levels of feedback which they require is truly exemplary, and therefore, I cannot imagine anyone who would be more deserving of formal recognition in the form of the Best Feedback award”

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