Thank you and farewell!


Today marks my final day as President of ICU and a member of the amazing community at Imperial. This year has been an incredibly rewarding and challenging experience. From working with students on projects through to representing the student body to College and everything in between, it has been quite a journey! 

I’d like to thank a huge number of people for making this year what it was. There are an extraordinary number of people who are so passionate about making the student experience at Imperial the best it can possibly be - thank you for being a huge inspiration and motivation for me this year. 

Thank you to the Union staff. None of what has been achieved this year could have be done without them - an elite force of superhuman people who work tirelessly to keep things running, to keep improving and to keep delivering the best experience for our students. 

Thank you to the College staff. Coming into this role I thought the College didn’t care much about students and that we were never listened to. This could not be further from the truth - much of what I’ve achieved this year has been due to the support I’ve received from College staff. 

Thank you to our alumni and trustees. The words of wisdom, advice and guidance they give the Union keeps the whole place on track.

Thank you to my fellow Officer Trustees. I’m so proud of the things we have individually and collectively achieved - it has been a testing year but we have made it through with a number of accomplishments to prove it. Cyin, Ben, Chris and Jennie - I feel blessed to have spent a year working alongside you. 

And of course, a huge thank you to the students. To the over 2,000 student volunteers - they each deserve an enormous thank you for the hours of hard work they have put into the Union. The time and effort they spend doing the things they are really passionate about makes all the difference to the experience of so many of their fellow Imperial students. Last but by no means least I want to thank all the 17,000 students who truly make Imperial what it is. Thank you for voting for me in 2015 - I hope what I’ve been able to achieve this year has lived up to your expectations (you can read about these here).

I want to give a final thank you to you all from the bottom of my heart - stay passionate and awesome!

It is always so hard to let go and leave places like Imperial College and the Union, but it is now time for me to sign-off and move on. I want to wish the vibrant and enthusiastic incoming team the best of luck. Nas, Emily-Jane, Luke, James and Rachel - I hope you have a great year and enjoy every second!

All the best and a fond farewell, 

Lucinda Smile







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