Our Strategy 2017-20


This is the most exciting time in our history.

Imperial College London is consistently ranked among the top ten universities in the world. Our campus, nestled in the heart of one of the most vibrant cities in Europe, plays host to a community of outstanding students from nearly every country on Earth. Yet we are united in our drive, our curiosity, and our scientific and technical talent.

Imperial students have incredibly bright futures. As a Union, we want to give our students a world-leading university experience so that every student can make the most of their time at Imperial: excelling academically, exploring passions and forging lifelong friendships.

The years ahead are exciting, and the Union is committed to keeping pace with the accelerating ambitions of our students and the College. We are dedicated to tackling any and every problem faced by our students, whether it's academic, financial or personal.

Our Strategy outlines our vision for the future of Imperial College Union. If we deliver Our Strategy successfully, we are confident that we will provide a world-leading student experience.

This experience is about more than just academic achievement. It is about a broader, balanced education in which students have the opportunities to enjoy their free time, develop skills, preserve their well-being and understand their learning in the wider context of society. We want our members to be equipped to start exciting careers and lead fulfilling lives with the confidence that they can use their education to be innovative, daring and disruptive as they tackle global challenges.

A world-leading student experience is also about being an active part of a community. We want our members to value and support each other, recognising that they can achieve far more together than they ever could individually. We want to celebrate our diversity in the knowledge that we are more strongly united by our commonality as part of one Imperial Community. This Strategy aims to strengthen this Community and encourage members to stay involved in the parts of Imperial they love, even once they graduate.

In this vein of collaboration, we will work in partnership with College to achieve our aims and make Imperial the very best it can be.

The objectives in Our Strategy set out an ambitious plan to improve Your Development, Your Support, Your Voice and Your Union. Above all, this strategy is For You, our members. We are all the Union and it is us who will be responsible for delivering it.

The time we spend at Imperial shapes who we are and what we will become; through this Strategy, let us also shape Imperial.



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