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There is always a demand for student jobs in the local area. The Union and College can go someway to providing safe, enjoyable employment opportunities - but this isn't possible for all students at the College!

Nevertheless, two recruitment days have been held so far this year at the Union, and another is planned for later in the academic year. Student jobs such as the College Telethon are also a positive way to earn and give something back to the College. A local company, Sesquis, has started to try fill demand for more jobs by connecting local students (often, already, Imperial students) with educational tutoring and assorted tasks.

As with jobs at the Union, students working for College and Sesquis are in charge of how and when they work.  Unlike normal agencies, Sesquis not interested in hanging on to 50% of what students earn through their own efforts.  Sesquis take the issue of students' safety very seriously and directly contact every resident or business who wishes to join Sesquis and employ students. 

If you are looking for work to  have been unable to find a job with the College, Union or local community already, I suggest you consider only reputable job matching websites: personal advertisements placed down the Sherfield Walkway are not condoned by the Union, and students replying to these advertisements should always be careful not to put themselves in harm's way. Similarly with websites, always be careful and search the internet for testimonials in case of scams.

For students who have experienced a change in their financial circumstances after registering with the College, The Hardship Fund is also available to assist those students. Grants cannot be made to assist with tuition fee payment.






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