Staying Safe

Deputy President (Welfare)

Oh look it is the Deputy President (Welfare) talking about personal safety! I know you are all constantly bombarded with the same messages but just to go over the basics.

  • Always be careful with your belongings; no matter the time of day. The crime rates in South Kensington are fairly low but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be vigilant. The library is also an area where many students leave valuable items unattended – this is not advisable as there are sometimes a small number of thefts.
  • If on a night out always know how to get home before you go out or begin to drink (if drinking). This is especially important if you are going to a different part of London. It’s not always advisable to travel alone at night, but if you are - walk with purpose and keep to well lit busy streets (this isn’t hard in London).
  • Ensure you never use an unlicensed minicab; there are many of these in London. Always either book a taxi or get into a black cab. If you get into an unlicensed minicab they are not insured to carry fares that they pick up. I can recommend using Cabwise, a TFL initative that will send you two minicab numbers and one black cab number. Texting CAB to 60835 will get you these numbers, and it means you get home safely and probably save yourself a few quid!
  • Personal safety alarms are available to any student that would like one from the Advice Centre on floor 2M of the Union building.

There has been a report that a few students have been targeted in Hyde Park recently. I am saying this not to scaremonger, but to remind you to always stay safe in the park when it is dark. You really shouldn’t climb over the gates once they are locked to take a shortcut. It is always better to take the well lit road route, spend a few extra minutes but avoid the risk of having your valuables taken! It is always advisable to walk through the park with friends, not alone, but sometimes this is unavoidable so keep you wits about you.





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