Bar Pricing Changes

Deputy President (Finance & Services)

Over the summer, the prices of some draught products in our bars have been increased. We are in the process of preparing a full release about the change in prices and products available in the bars over the coming weeks.

These price changes come as a result of the Union’s old contract with the supplier coming to an end. As would be expected, the Union undertook a tendering process to get the best possible deal for students.

The deal we have from our new supplier is the best and most competitive possible. If we had remained with our previous supplier we would have seen a price rise of around 30%. In addition this new contract has allowed us to upgrade our bar equipment to reduce the time it takes to pour a pint significantly.

These changes were unfortunately unavoidable – a new tender had to be found, and we switched to the cheapest deal we could. Our old offer with our old supplier was simply no longer on the table.

Our bars are one of our major sources of income, but in turn they also help support a vast range of other activities, including the clubs and societies many students participate in. On top of this, the Union is still the cheapest and safest venue in the surrounding area that has low prices across the board for both alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks.

Proposed changes to the entry fee to the Union will mean that students benefit overall; again when logistics have been finalised information will be released fully.




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