Summer's Student-ICT Forum

Deputy President (Education)

On Monday 10th June ICU held the last Student-ICT Forum of the year, this gave ICT the chance to engage with ICU’s rep system, to find out what students think and for students to bring up any ICT issue (big or small).

ICT have been amazing this year and are fully receptive to student feedback. So please report any issues to them via their service desk or tell me/Natalie Kempston to ask ICT on your behalf.

The summary of the main issues were:

Matters arising from last meeting

- By the start of the next academic year, the Imperial Mobile App will show how busy the Ethos gym is by using security swipe card data, which will give students and staff an idea of when the less busy periods are.

- ICT are still looking into a solution to the print drivers not loading on logging in. However students can load them by double clicking the icon on the bottom right hand corner of the screen.

- 61 lecture theatres will have Panopto (lecture podcasting system) installed in them by the start of the next academic year. Academic reps should inform ICT if they want their lecturers to use Panopto and they can bring this issue up in their Staff-Student Committee meetings. You can find the lecture theatres that have Panopto installed here.

- If students would like an improved wireless provision in their departments then they should contact ICT. Extension of wireless hotspots is currently according to demand and the rollout to St. Mary’s is due shortly.

Students’ issues

- Students have expressed concern over the cost of storage provided to research groups by ICT and over inconsistencies between research groups’ data storage procedures. ICT is currently reviewing the current service provided, which should be completed over the summer holidays.

- Currently the infrastructure in Xenia is not ICT’s, although ICT would be willing to provide support and provision for this in the future. Students who would like ICT provision available at these locations are requested to let ICT and Campus Services know. Since Imperial will not be using Paragon next year, the College will not offer Imperial’s ICT service at that location.

- It has been reported that logging onto College terminals is taking too long. Although logging in times has been reduced significantly over the last few months, this will be looked into and ICT will potentially be monitoring the logging in times.

ICT’s issues

- ICT are keen to benchmark themselves against other UK universities, so if students know of any ICT initiatives that are happening at other universities please do tell them. This can be done via their service desk or the union. 

- ICT also want students to approach them with projects, which they may support. This can be club, society & projects focused or anything else.


You can find the minutes from the forum here.





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