Student-ICT Forum

Deputy President (Education)

On Thursday, the first Student-ICT forum will be taking place, which allows students to raise their views on what ICT should be working on next, but also for ICT to run ideas past us students.

An undergraduate and a postgraduate from each faculty attend this meeting and represent their cohort’s views and currently are discussing the issues below, but if you want any other issues to be raised then please either tell me or the academic representatives that represent you.



1. Student Union issues

Can ICT install Google Chrome on all the College computers?

Will windows 8 be free at Imperial?

Is ICT going to change the download/upload bandwidth?

Will ICT be upgrading to Office 365 and Office 2013?

Is it possible to have Spotify on all College computers?

Educational Mobile apps for Medicine


2. ICT issues

2.1 New survey platform – Heather Chisholm

2.2 Brief response to recent student survey questions about Blackboard – Julie Voce

Timeout concern, multiple browser tabs, mobile access

What information students want and what are the gaps in our provision?

2.3 Ask ICT – the new ICT Service desk system – Paul Carter

What information do new students want and how do they find it?

What can we do to improve the service the service desk offers to students?

2.4 Future of student email – getting feedback

MobilEcho – access to your files from your mobile device


3. Any other business

Faulty print drivers in Physics


Student Membership

Doug Hunt - Deputy President (Education)


Jason Parmar - Business School

Richard Bennett and Tom Wilshere - Faculty of Engineering

Shiv Vohra - Faculty of Medicine

Cécile Borkhataria - Faculty of Natural Sciences


Tolu Ajomale - Business School

Nicholas Ng - Faculty of Engineering

Natalie Kempston - Faculty of Medicine

Helen Pennington - Faculty of Natural Sciences




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