Whatcha been doing, Fatso? – I. Future

Deputy President (Clubs & Societies)

It’s the end of Term 1! This is exciting! This is the bit where I get to blow my own trumpet about how great I am and tell you all how sabbing is helping me grow like my parents planned! 

I dropped my trumpet, so this is going to be more about how I’ve been helped and the people who’ve made an impact to me, my aims or the Union as a whole. It’s not exhaustive. I’m going to try to put up a new section every day until Thursday, but here’s a quick intro to what I want to do, what I’ve been doing, and who’s already helped me along the way.

FATSO (aka “my objectives”) is something I’ve been using to talk about what I want to get done with my year – it gives me a hand in working out where to put my time.


F is for future.

A is for activity.

T is for training.

S is for sports.

O is for outreach.


H is for Happy Christmas. Have a fantastic holiday all. See you in the new year.


F is for future.

This is about what happens when you leave Imperial – how does your time with College & the Union help you to make your way?

Toni Semmence is the Athletics Clubs Chair this year. She’s also a second year PhD student, was one of the two leads on #imperialgirlscan, Netball Treasurer, one of the trainers who helps with Imperial Plus, part of the pilot group for the Imperial Award, and is completing a qualification on the management of volunteers.

I have little doubt that when Toni decides to move onto something new, not only will she leave a lasting legacy with Imperial College Union, but she’ll also walk all over any selection, interview, or promotion panel she comes across.

She’ll hate me for saying this, but Toni’s not unique. There are so many incredible journeys people have been on, and I can only hope I get the chance to shout about a few more of them before I sign off for the year.






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