These Boots Are Made For Stepping Into

Deputy President (Clubs & Societies)

Four months after being elected as your DPCS, I'm sitting in Beit wondering what the next year holds.

We all have big shoes to fill. The last year saw an International A Cappella competition hosted at Imperial, another fantastic Charity week by Isoc that raised over £80,000, a record breaking number of club tours, and the moment where Imperial College Union hit 350 Clubs and Societies. This list is not exhaustive.

Before handover kicked off I visited Liverpool University for the annual BUCS conference and the launch of the new BUCs strategy. I was thrilled to see the powers that be add Physical Activity to an organisation that's previously had an emphasis on sport competition. With a joint sports review between the Union and Sport Imperial launching at the end of August, I think we have a real chance to change the way we approach sport, taking in the feedback from Out in Sport, Mentality, and ICSexism.

The Union is also going into the last year of the first three year strategic plan – which is exciting for two reasons. One is that (hopefully!) those who've been here a while will be seeing some positive changes day to day. The second is that we'll be writing the next one this year. And for inveterate hacks like me (and probably many of those reading this blog) that's a really big and exciting project to work on.

The big thing for me day to day is training, and feedback. We're part of one of the only UK students' unions to give club committees and management group chairs (or their equivalents) the amount of responsibility we do. And our training, development and support need to be at the peak of their capabilities for that to carry on working. Even more important is that we never think the job's done.

I reckon that the Union staff, this year's team of trustees, and most of all the huge number of volunteers who keep coming back year on year have got the drive to push the Union to its limit – and then to keep pushing.






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