Goodbye and Thank you!

Deputy President (Clubs & Societies)

So here it is - it’s officially my last day as Deputy President (Clubs & Societies)!  It’s been absolutely incredible experience and I just wanted to take this as my last chance to say thank you to each and every one of you that I’ve worked with this year for putting so much time, effort and enthusiasm into everything you’ve done. It’s truly been a privilege to work with you all, to see first-hand the brilliant things that our students can achieve and the drive behind everyone working both professionally and voluntarily with the Union and College.

It’s pretty emotional realising I’m about to have to leave the four walls of Beit Quad that have been my home for the whole year. That said I’m not going very far, having two years of my Chemistry to go back to. So if anyone wants to stop by and reminisce about literally anything I’ll be hanging around College for quite a lot longer.

The role of DPCS is a bit of an odd one because absolutely no day is the same trying to work with 347 different clubs, societies & projects each with their own issues and their own stunning achievements. I’ve had a day that started with a proposal to bring the first UK semi-finals of an international A Cappella competition to Imperial and ended with a tour proposal for a group to go climbing through Turkey. The breadth of experience and the number of stories I have to tell from this year alone is just insane – if you’re thinking of running for the role at some point in your future at Imperial I’d say you’ll never get an opportunity like it again in your life. It has been incredible.

Obviously, I could talk for hours and hours about all of the support I’ve had this year and all of the people involved. Unfortunately I left writing the thank-you blog until my last day (denying that the end was coming) so there’s just not enough time to say all of the thanks that even remotely reflects the work that you guys have put in. Hopefully I’ll get the chance to see loads of you to say thank you in person, but to all the members of Imperial College Union that have worked so hard this year I offer you truly heartfelt thanks for everything that you’ve done.

And that’s a wrap - thank you to everyone here that’s been involved in taking over my life for the year, I hope you’ve enjoyed it too and I hope to see you around!




Abigail de Bruin



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