Get Active: Am I looking the right way?

Deputy President (Clubs & Societies)

There are hundreds of articles online about why people should be active – just search it. Here’s one:

Documented evidence conclusively shows that getting active and moving around (no matter how you choose to do it) makes you healthier, more focused and generally happier.

Let me find a soapbox. It’s not just the evidence. Being active is probably one of the big reasons I got through my degree. Whether it was feeling like I was actually in control, pushing up serotonin counts, or just cutting loose from Maths for a bit, running and gymnastics got me through a lot.

As you might (or might not!) know, one of the things I set out to do during my term as DPCS was to write a joint Sports Strategy, to help Sport Imperial and the Union work together. First steps were to do some market research and find out how Imperial students felt about Sport and Physical Activity. Turns out we measure up quite well – 66% of Imperial students exercise regularly, compared to an average of 55% out of those aged 16-24.

Some other stats:

  • ·         62% of students take part in university sport.
  • ·         28% feel that Imperial Sport is too exclusive.
  • ·         53% are concerned that they don’t have the time to take part.


We got some really good steers from the consultation, and we’ve spent the last few weeks trying to put together some thoughts on where we go next. It’s fed hours of discussion, five themes, and thirty five objectives, which is going out for your views over the next few weeks.

A lot of what we’ve come up with is about taking away barriers – whether those are time, distance, cost, or socially based. And to be honest, we don’t quite know how to do everything we’ve mentioned. What we need to hear now is what’s most important, and maybe where there are some big opportunities.


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