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Management Groups

City & Guilds College

Committee Members

  • Jon Pring
    Captain (Motorsports)
  • David Clark
    Chair (Chemical Engineering)
  • Dominik Sznajder
    Chair (Civil Engineering)
  • Joe Dai
    Chair (Rail and Transport)
  • Julius Sustarevas
    Chair (Robotics)
  • Colin Matthews
    Chair (Rugby - Mens (C&G))
  • Joseph Dudley
    Chair (Space Society)
  • Rachel Castola
    Co-Chair (Mechanical Engineering)
  • Edward Kardouss
    President (Aeronautics)
  • Samuel Oxley
    President (Bio Engineering)
  • Yulia Bulgakova
    President (DoCSoc)
  • Lillan Agerup
    President (Electrical Engineering)
  • Marcus Bishop
    President (Engineering Change)
  • James Murphy
    Academic Affairs Officer (Undergraduate)
  • Thitiphan Jarassriwilai
  • Arran Hobson Sayers
    RAG Co-ordinator
  • Timothy Munday
  • Dmitri Ivanov
    Vice President Finance and Societies
  • Gustavo Proeglhoef
    Vice President
  • Timothy Minshall
    Bolt Bearer (Events Officer)
  • Andrew Olson Gallardo
    Events Officer
  • Olisaemeka Ufodiama
    Spanner Bearer (Events Officer)
  • Luke Gardner
    Sports Officer
  • Anna Selig
    Media and Marketing Officer
  • Lillan Agerup
  • Sol-Uh Park
    Sponsorship Officer
  • Yue Yang
    Activities Chair
  • Juliet Kernohan
    Welfare Officer

12:15 13 October 2014
CGCU Office

There are no papers available for this meeting.

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